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The Cultural Learning Alliance: Arts in Schools - the Growing Crisis

Date uploaded: November 7, 2012

Arts in Schools: Growing Crisis

The Cultural Learning Alliance (CLA) is a collective voice working to ensure that all children and young people have meaningful access to culture.

For the last year they suspected that the introduction of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) would have a significant effect on the place of the arts and culture in schools, and over the last few weeks they have started to see some evidence that this really is the case.

They discovered that a recent poll by Ipsos Mori shows that over the last year alone 27% of schools have cut courses as a direct result of the EBacc’s introduction. Of the courses cut, Drama, Performing Arts, Art and Design and Design and Technology are the worst hit.

In view of this, the CLA have announced a call for the restoration of the arts to the curriculum and for the inclusion of the arts in the EBacc. They are urging as many voices as possible to join in this debate and have published a series of steps on their website.

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