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The Great Global Public Art Scavenger Hunt

Date uploaded: September 23, 2013

Forecast Public Art and the Institute for Public Art are collaborating to research public art projects from around the world for an International Award for Public Art and they need lots of help, from all over! The final research will be shared online as an educational resource.

They are asking artists, administrators, academics and art lovers to spend an hour or more online—enter the name of a faraway city or country and "public art" in your browser and find as many interesting images and links to projects done in the past 7 years as you can — then forward a list of those links to be considered for further study and award candidacy. Feel free to add your own comments about what you liked about your selections.

The deadline for sending your findings is October 30th. If Forecast selects three or more of your suggestions for research you will receive a free copy of Public Art Review magazine!

Through this Great Global Public Art Scavenger Hunt process, Forecast Public Art and the Institute for Public Art plan to promote excellence in public art, create an avenue for sharing success stories and best practices internationally and advance the field of public art.

Please help them to spread the word! Send all suggestions to Jessica Fiala, Research Coordinator, at [email protected]

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