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UK’s first Outdoor Arts Sustainability Toolkit launches in preparation for “greenest Olympics ever”

Date uploaded: February 20, 2012

UK’s first Outdoor Arts Sustainability Toolkit launches in preparation for “greenest Olympics ever”

ISAN launched the ISAN Environmental Sustainability Toolkit for the Outdoor Arts sector on Tuesday 21st February 2012 at The National Theatre, with a keynote address from Ruth Mackenzie, LOCOG Director of Culture.

The Toolkit has been commissioned by ISAN, authored by Julie’s Bicycle with support from Arts Council England. The Toolkit is a practical online resource to help Outdoor Arts organisations assess and reduce their environmental impacts. It covers all areas of production and planning, with case studies, top tips, and links to tools, resources and support for organisations to embed environmental sustainability into the heart of their work.

ISAN is a strategic organisation that plays a key role in ensuring that excellent art happens by supporting the development of outdoor arts practice and bringing the sector together. Julie’s Bicycle works across the arts and creative industries to help organisations understand and reduce their environmental impacts.

The Toolkit is timely given the approaching Olympics – ISAN members will be creating many of the cultural events performed during and around the games, and the Toolkit will support the ambition to make this the greenest Olympics ever.

The ISAN Environmental Sustainability Toolkit is available online as a free download from the ISAN and Julie’s Bicycle websites.

Julian Rudd, outgoing Director of ISAN, said, “Outdoor artists are already at the forefront of the debate around climate change through the themes explored in their artistic work. This guide aims to complement these artistic messages by giving producers and artists the practical tools they need to assess, and then reduce, their current carbon footprints as a touring company or festival event.”

Alison Tickell, Chief Executive of Julie’s Bicycle, said, “ISAN’s readiness to change practice so that it embraces a strong commitment to our environment is what will inspire many more of us to perceive that living sustainably is not just good for our planet, but for our creative insights too.”

For further information: Camille Bensoussan, ISAN, [email protected], 020 7388 9797
Sholeh Johnston, Julie’s Bicycle, [email protected], 020 7078 4885

Visit www.isanuk.org/publications--‐downloads/downloads