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Videos of Ebbw Vale Steelworks demolition sought for Ghost Parade

Date uploaded: May 23, 2012

A Cultural Olympiad Project in Ebbw Vale, July 2012
Contribute Your Video Portraits

As part of the Ghost Parade project, artist Stefhan Caddick is assembling a “video portrait” of Ebbw Vale and the area, or people who have an association with the town. The clips will consist of people standing still and looking directly at the camera for 2-3 seconds. their choice of location, what they are wearing and what they are carrying will communicate something about each individual or group.

The film will be projected onto a large outdoor screen at Adain Avion’s “nesting site” at the Gerneral Offices in Ebbw Vale, as the finale of Ghost Parade, in the evening of 1st July 2012.

Ghost Parade has been commisioned by Adain Avion, Wales’ Artists Taking the Lead project under the Artistic Direction/Curatorship of Welsh artist Marc Rees. Adain Avion is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and the London 2012 Festival.

If you would like to send in one or more video portait for inclusion in Ghost Parade here’s what to do:

  • Create your portrait using whatever technology you have to hand (mobile phone, webcam, laptop, camera, flip). Videos should be 10 seconds maximum (only 2-6 seconds will be used).
  • Your video can be solo portrait or a group of people (family group, club, group of friends for example).
  • Don’t move whilst you’re taking your video portrait! Instead use props, clothing and location to personalise your portrait and feel free to be as innovative or eccentric as you like!


  • EITHER from a mobile phone, email your video to [email protected] (apologies about that email address!)
  • OR, go to WeTransfer.com and send your video file to [email protected]
  • You can submit anonymously or include your name, website, facebook page, twitter etc and I’ll add it to the credits on the website.

DEADLINE: All films need to be submitted by Monday 7th May 2012

Come along to see the finished film on 1st July 2012 in Ebbw Vale. If you’d also like to be part of the Ghost Parade and carry a placard, please email [email protected]

Videos which are submitted direct to YouTube will be viewable on the Ghost Parade YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/user/ghostparadeev)

For more information visit: http://stefhancaddick.co.uk/ghost-parade

Visit www.ebbwvaleinstitute.org/news/ghost-parade-cultural-olympiad

The General Offices in Ebbw Vale, the destination of Adain Avion in Ebbw Vale

The General Offices in Ebbw Vale, the destination of Adain Avion in Ebbw Vale