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Vote Art

Date uploaded: March 6, 2015

Vote Art is an arts initiative inspired by the theme of democracy that aims to encourage people to take part in the democratic process. As the 2015 General Election approaches, the initative is encouraging people to vote by placing artworks inspired by democracy on commercial billboard sites and postcards distributed across England.

Artists Bob & Roberta Smith, Jeremy Deller, Janette Parris and Fatima Begum have each created works incorporating the word 'vote'; a fifth artist, chosen via a national competition, will also contribute.

These five works will be exhibitied on 100 billboard sites near art venues across the country (including BALTIC, Gateshead, and Turner Contemporary, Margate); on 10,000 postcards that will be distributed to arts venues, and via Vote Arts website and social networks. There will also be an exhibition of the artworks at the Peckham Platform, London, from the 2nd of April to the 7th of May 2015.

A crowd funding appeal has been launched to support this project, more details on how to get involved and donate can be found by clicking here.

Jeremy Deller says, 'During the election, political parties are going to put up posters asking you to vote for them. We are putting up posters, just asking you to vote. It’s a once-in-every-five years opportunity to engage in society, and I think we should take it by the horns. Youth of Britain – rise up and vote!'


Vote Art are looking for a young artist aged 18 to 23 to create a new piece of work for the campaign. The winning image will be exhibited on two billboard sites and 2,000 postcards, and the artist will receive £500. The competition will be judged by the Vote Art artists and the deadline is Monday the 16th of March at 6pm. To find out more click here.

Jeremy Deller, Vote © Jeremy Deller

Jeremy Deller, Vote © Jeremy Deller