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You¹d better watch your step in Madrid by Luzinterruptus

Date uploaded: February 20, 2015

Luzinterruptus is an anonymous artistic group, who carries out urban interventions in public spaces. They use light as a raw material and the dark as a canvas. In their most recent intervention they try to highlight the lack of hygiene in public places, with particular reference to animal excrement in squares and parks, and especially those with sand where children play.

'You’d better watch your step in Madrid' utilised 500 bags of recycled plastic specifically made for dog waste, filled with air and light and scattered around the Plaza de las Comendadoras, Madrid.

The installation remained in situe for 9 hours before the sanitary service arrived and took all the lights and bags away.

Spokesperson for the group said, "the most prominent problem on the streets is animal excrements, particularly in squares and parks, especially those with sand where children like to play. In these places, hundreds of these tiny brown depositions are buried over the days and dug back out when children build their sand castles. In these areas, especially those annexed to playgrounds, there are prohibition signs that specifically ban the entry of dogs but it looks like no one pays attention to these."

"We don’t want to place all the responsibility on pet owners. The deficient sanitary service is also responsible for this. On top of this, there aren’t usually any waste pick up bags at trash containers nor even trash containers. The city center also lacks places specifically assigned for dogs to play and evacuate. The situation becomes most dramatic as the good weather approaches and the stench increases."

"We, as victims of all this, considered that it was about time to go out and expose this reality."

For more information about this and other Luzinterruptus interventions click here.


Image Credit: Lola Martinez

Image Credit: Lola Martinez