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2013 Void Off-site projects: Derry~Londonderry City of Culture 2013

Date uploaded: February 13, 2013

Off-site Projects

During 2013, Void will bring leading international artists to Derry, extending activities beyond Patrick Street, creating a number of installations within the public realm (Void Sites). This series of installations will animate vacant city centre buildings and locations, breathing new life into them and allowing for new readings. The placement of these works will create new avenues for the public to access arts and culture in an alternative way.

Spring: Artists Gardens
Void will create three gardens which will facilitate the re-imagining of Derry/Londonderry's city centre environment for the UK City of Culture 2013 celebrations. The intention of the project is to focus on the natural in Derry/Londonderry's city centre and surrounds by creating artist's gardens in disused/abandoned/unusual spaces and create landscapes which will be catalysts for reflection, imagination and innovation. Click here for more information. The three artists creating the gardens will be: Katie Holten; Locky Morris; and Ackroyd & Harvey.

Summer: Resonance FM
London-based Resonance FM, 'the world's first radio art station' will build a mobile performance space, train individuals within communities and broadcast live throughout three months of the year. At various locations throughout the Derry area, Resonance FM will have live performances consisting of a newly written account of local history accompanied by a live orchestral performance by the Resonance Radio Orchestra composed of new members from Derry. There will also be a series of broadcasts that will imagine the world without the people of Derry. The series will chart the lives of the great women and men of Derry to include the artists, the peacemakers, musicians, thinkers, writers and its citizens.
Co-Curated by Ed Baxter & Declan Sheehan.

Winter: Partition
This simple starting point: Room 1, a discussion that will not just be theoretical but will have a direct bearing on what (if anything) happens in Room 2. A discussion as to the relevance of the art object and/or gallery in contemporary art production and presentation. Whilst this may seem to be a curatorial cliché, especially in a climate dominated by forms of easily assumable socially engaged practice, a gap is emerging between aesthetic and ethical imperatives in the production, distribution and consumption of art. The intellectual propositions will either render Room 2 obsolete/empty (yet potentially even more charged due to its continued emptiness) or it will be the script. As with Terminal Convention (Produced by Static Gallery in 2011) a filmmaker (Mike Hannon) will be embedded within the project in order to be part of the recording of the project and to allow it to be distributed and disseminated long after the actual event to a larger audience. Curated by Damien Duffy.

Click here to visit the VOID website.