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Terminus Treats for Twenty Twelve

Date uploaded: September 5, 2012

Terminus Treats for Twenty Twelve
2 April - 9 September 2012

Produced by UP Projects in partnership with Network Rail, London Borough of Camden and St. Pancras International.
Commissioned by London Borough of Camden.

Terminus Treats is a programme of creative interventions, installations and performative interactions for Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston that will alleviate boredom, combat chaos and provide light hearted moments; creating a positive visitor experience at peak travel times during the London Olympic Games. 

UP Projects have developed Terminus Treats on the behalf of the London Borough of Camden. A range of artists and performers have been commissioned to create new work for the specific context of the busy station environment  during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The programme comprises:

Queue Live Art

Interactive theatre group Bread and Goose, have developed a series of fun, intriguing and interactive performances created specifically for people queuing at St Pancras Station for the Javelin train that will take them to the Olympic Park. The performances have their roots in the local history of the area, to create a web of humorous and enjoyable stories based around characters such as Queen Boudicca (rumoured to be buried under the site of Kings Cross Station) and John Betjeman (the outspoken poet who protested to save St Pancras from demolition in the 1960s). These performances will occur at different times during the Olympic Games period in the public spaces surrounding the magnificent Victorian Gothic architecture of St Pancras International station.

Art installations - Golden Steps

A new iteration of their fabulous Step Series, ‘Golden Steps’  has been developed by theatre group and artist collective Stan’s Cafe for Terminus Treats. Stan’s Cafe have been working on different incarnations of the Steps Series for several years, originally inspired by teach-yourself-to-dance floor mats which invite audiences to perform the show themselves. For Camden, the ‘Golden Steps’ will have an Olympian flavour; tracing the footsteps of Olympic gold medalists from 1908 to 2008 in a series of pavement based interactive art installations along the official Olympic walking route between Euston and St Pancras Stations. These steps tell the unique stories of physical athletic achievements by Olympians and Paralympians from all over the world and visitors are invited to guess which sport is depicted by following the footsteps. Visit Stan’s Cafe’s Golden Steps blog page to learn more about the project: http://www.stanscafe.co.uk/project-golden-steps.html

Dance Performances - Stepping in Gold

Choreographer Rosie Heafford has been commissioned to develop a series of performative moments and dance happenings that respond to the Golden Steps installations between Euston and St Pancras Stations.  At various times during the Olympic period, short dance vignettes will be performed by a group of dancers to animate each installation of footprints and bring them to life. The performances play on the Olympian characteristics  and aim to encourage and inspire visitors to create their own response to the Golden Steps and to investigate them further.

Terminus Treats App collection

We have developed a digital platform of ‘terminus treats’ for people to access and play with as they  wait for their trains. Designed specifically for mobile phone users by REG Design, the Terminus Treats web page presents  a selection of fun apps, and  useful links. http://www.terminustreats.com/

Watch a film about Terminus Treats here: http://youtu.be/h5Y0s-wEPh4

Visit www.upprojects.com/portfolio/current/terminus-treats-for-twenty-twelve/29

Bread & Goose, Queue Live Art 'Stations By Heart' - Butterfly Lovers Performance, August 2012, St. Pancras Station. Image: Tai Shani

Bread & Goose, Queue Live Art 'Stations By Heart' - Butterfly Lovers Performance, August 2012, St. Pancras Station. Image: Tai Shani