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Art Moves Fesitval, Toruń, Poland

Date uploaded: November 26, 2009

The idea of Art Moves Festival is to increase the visibility of art on billboards, and through them to exchange experiences concerned with the public realm.

The billboard art works are based around the concept that a contemporary human is lost somewhere in the complicated mechanisms of modern civilization, and featured among others artworks exploring the concept of mass manufacturing.

During the Fesitval art works were shown on billboards and mega-billboards in the city. Meetings with artists, curators and theorists were held, and presentations of projects and documentations of actions in the public domain were hosted.

Find out more and view images of the Fesitval, held in November 2009

Edward Burtynsky, 'Manufacturing', Art Moves Festival 2009.

Edward Burtynsky, 'Manufacturing', Art Moves Festival 2009.