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Art Moves on the Road

Date uploaded: September 26, 2011

For four years now the Art Moves Festival has been presenting the art works by artists from all over the world in the public space of Toruń, Poland. The festival has an interdisciplinary character and the presentation of the art works takes place outside the context of museums and galleries, through the means normally used by advertising: billboards, megabillboards and large LED displays. They use billboards – the symbol of the modern age of consumption – which are changed into symbols of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.

Art Moves is the only festival of art on billboard in the world, organised by Polish artists in cooperation with artists from all over the world. The past three editions of the festival have featured works by more than 50 artists from 35 countries.

This year the festival goes on tour: Art Moves on the Road.

The first edition of the festival abroad will take place in London. 7 works from the festival will be exhibited on vans, which will go round the inner centre of London on a route that will pass through Park Lane, Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, Embankment, Kingsway and New Oxford street. Among the artists presenting their works in the exhibition are: Bob & Roberta Smith (GB), Marcos Ramirez ERRE (Mexico), Galeria Rusz (Poland), Andrew Willett (UK), Jerzy Kosałka (Poland), Adam Niklewicz (USA).

The first Art Moves Festival will take place in London, from 23rd till 28th September 2011. During the Festival, the organisers encourage everyone to ask and find the answers to the following fundamental questions:

We sought the enemy and we found a recipe for annihilationAre Western societies heading towards self-destruction? Is Western civilisation coming to an end? Aren’t the causes of the ever growing economic crisis much deeper than they seem? Isn’t it also the crisis of our mentality, our ways of understanding ourselves and reality? Isn’t the self-destruction which we witnessed some time ago in London (and other British cities) the symptom of such a “way down”? It seems that instead of finding a recipe for development we found a “recipe for annihilation”. Who is responsible for that situation, who is to blame? “We sought the enemy, and he turned out to be us”.“To error is human”, but are we capable of learning from our own mistakes? Perhaps we are able to halt the process of self-destruction, after all, it’s all in our hands. “Nothing will work unless you do”.

The organizer of the presentation is Fundacja Rusz and co-organizer is Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna.

Contact: [email protected]

Visit www.artmovesfestival.org

Marcos Ramirez

Marcos Ramirez