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Art in Bearpit Part 2

Date uploaded: August 5, 2015

Art in Bearpit has announced a new programme of events for the coming few months, created especially for central Bristol’s Bearpit roundabout and produced by Hand in Glove; nomadic visual art curators based in Bristol.

Art in Bearpit is part of series of recent initiatives and changes in Bristol’s iconic Bearpit sunken roundabout, led by Bearpit Improvement Group, who aim to improve the neglected site and return it from a no-go area back to a thriving space to gather for events, art, eating and shopping.

The Daily Record is a performance by Bristol artist Kypros Kyprianou that veers between end-is-nigh hectoring and 50’s spy slapstick as he gives away free copies of ‘The Daily Record’ to unwitting passersby. The headline is ‘If You Have Nothing To Hide You Have Nothing To Fear’, a phrase attributed to everyone from George Orwell to, most recently, the politician William Hague. Responding to the surveillance of public and private space, Kyprianou will create a curious intervention, by way of a
newspaper stand stationed in the Bearpit during peak commuter times.

After a night of talking and dreaming about urban futures back in June, Bristol artist duo A-peg return to the Bearpit to serve up Lunch, With Feeling. Everybody is welcome to this informal and jovial lunchtime gathering which will celebrate the conversations and connections inspired by Art in Bearpit, with a few surprises added in.

Inspired by the historic Bristol Fair, Bristol artist Megan Clark-Bagnall invites visitors to revive the Bearpit as a place of exchange, and trade some happiness from everyday journeys. The Trading Post is a permanent geocache (a hidden container), which can be located through mobile phone GPS - leave your treasure and collect another!

The Keepers are back! Watching and being watched, an eerie group of live sculptures will once again occupy the changing backdrop of Bristol’s iconic sunken roundabout. Working with Bearpit regulars as her performers this time, Vickie Fear creates a peculiar ensemble of lurking costumed creatures. The artwork quietly disrupts the space, baffles passersby and tests the endurance of its performers.

Visitors and residencts of Bristol may have already spotted the dazzling yellow and black Pavilion standing proud in the Bearpit. Made by artist Philip Cheater, this geometric structure is designed with a dual purpose: a visually-striking sculpture and a sheltered space for anyone to use for events or simply sitting and eating lunch. Inspired by the hexagonal landscaping of the Bearpit before its recent makeover, and by the dazzle graphics of health and safety signage, Pavilion juxtaposes the patterns of warning with an invitation to enter and share the space with others: reflecting changing public attitudes towards the Bearpit itself.

To find out more visit www.artinbearpit.com.

Event Listings (all free, no booking required)

  • Thurs 13th August, 8-9am & 4-6pm – Performance of The Daily Record by Kypros Kyprianou.
  • Sun 27th September, 2-4pm – Lunch, With Feeling by A-peg. Lunchtime gathering.
  • From Sat 31st October – Trading Post by Megan Clark-Bagnall. Geocached artwork.
  • Sun 1st November, 2-4pm – Performance of The Keepers by Vickie Fear.
  • Ongoing – Pavilion by Philip Cheater. Free, no booking required.

More information: www.artinbearpit.com and #artinbearpit

‘Pavilion’ by Philip Cheater © Roser Diaz

‘Pavilion’ by Philip Cheater © Roser Diaz