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Assemblage - Narratives in a managed landscape

Date uploaded: November 7, 2012

Assemblage - Narratives in a managed landscape
Yarner Wood, Dartmoor, TQ13 9LJ. Free entry
November 17th/18th and 24th/25th, 10am - 3pm

The exhibition Assemblage, curated by artist Karen Pearson with Natural England at Yarner Wood, Bovey Tracey, an SSSI on the edge of Dartmoor will be open on November 17th/18th and 24th/25th, from 10am - 3pm.

The exhibition will feature an installation of ruralrecreation's Remote Worker. Other audio works, installations and meditations by Tony Whitehead, Pete Ward, Camilla Nelson, Carolyn Arnold, Natalia Eernstman, Shelley Castle & Dave Ray, Mandy Beall, Martin Procter and Sue Deakin.

In this context, the artists will be investigating how the rural landscape exisits between work and leisure - permeable places and times which overlap. For example consider the phrase ‘work/life balance’ where ‘life’ (the totality of a person's existence) is equated with that which is not work, i.e. leisure = whole life. On the other hand leisure is also the reward for work, a temporal profit over and above survival, and a time to spend the economic profit from work. This means its also a surplus, i.e. whole life - work = leisure. This puts us in an interesting place where leisure is both alternately (and at the same time) the compass of being and a remainder from compulsory activity relating to matters of survival, a whole and a part, singular and universal.

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Remote Worker

Remote Worker