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Barton Hill Primary School Public Art Programme 2006 - 2008

Date uploaded: December 22, 2008

Annie Lovejoy and Mac Dunlop were commissioned in June 2006 by Community at Heart (Bristol City Council), to develop and produce public artwork to be integrated into the new Barton Hill Primary School

and Children's Centre. They have worked in response to the artist’s brief and contractual targets to develop work that is relevant to the context of Barton Hill School and community. 

Key outcomes of the project :

Large scale image works on the school glazing and GMPs (Glazing Manifestation Patterns) that recall processes and participation, utilising images sourced entirely from children’s involvement in the project.

A sculptural light feature that responds to sound levels designed to reflect the ecological focus of the new building, (low wattage / recycled sheet plastics).

Web resource/blog  - that traces the progress of the building and artworks whilst also providing information on local initiatives and educational curricular activities related to ecology. http://shedsite.wordpress.com  

Publication: Insites: Barton Hill Primary School and Children's Centre Public Art Programme, edited by Annie Lovejoy, Roz Hall and Mac Dunlop. 
RiO. (2008) ISBN 978-1-906687
Celebrating young people's involvement in generating artworks inspired by the ecological design and construction of the new Barton Hill Primary School and Children's Centre, Bristol http://shedsite.wordpress.com/about-2/barton-hill-booklet-insites

Evaluation Report:  The project has been evaluated by Dr Roz Hall employing a process generated approach that compliments the process led approach of the artists. Rather than being based solely on interviews that take place after the project has happened, this approach is one that builds evaluation into wider project activities. 

"Developing artwork in response to a particular place or context, with people whom the work will affect, demands a flexibility that relies upon a belief in the value of such processes and a consequent commitment to their evolvement". Roz Hall 

"The main things are to learn from the lessons of what has been done and disseminate it to a wider audience. 

The positive impact of the process for Barton Hill is of national relevance, and not just for schools, but for wider public contexts."  

Jonathan Hines and Tom Mason, Architype

Follow this link to download the Barton Hill Project publication Insites as an Adobe Acrobat document: 3.00 MB



Barton Hill Primary School. Photo: the project team, invited artists and Children's Art Group

Barton Hill Primary School. Photo: the project team, invited artists and Children's Art Group