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Centre For Innovative and Radical Fishmongery (CIRF)

Date uploaded: October 9, 2013

Division of Labour are proud to present Centre For Innovative and Radical Fishmongery (CIRF) at
Sluice art fair,
47-49 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3PL
19th & 20th October, 12pm – 9pm

At Sluice Art Fair 2013, Sam Curtis and Division of Labour will be presenting the Centre For Innovative and Radical Fishmongery (CIRF). Traditionally trained as an artist, Curtis’s practice widened to include fish display after undertaking a two-year residency within the fish department at Harrods.

CIRF is a mobile project that develops new methods for displaying fish and seafood. Combining industry experience with art-based skills and concepts, CIRF creates spaces for experts and non-experts to join in re-thinking fishmongery and retail practices as well as discussing ideas around work and aspiration.

Division of Labour have funded and supported CIRF in realising an ambitious project at the fair. Gallery director, Nathaniel Pitt will also be on hand with a mop and bucket as the fishmonger’s skivvy.

Contact Sam for more details: sam[at]scurtis.co.uk

Click here for more information.

Fish Gif 2013 by Sam Curtis

Fish Gif 2013 by Sam Curtis