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Coniston Honest Shop

Date uploaded: July 18, 2012

The Summer Shop and Coniston Honest Shop are now open!

Coniston Institute, Yewdale Road, Coniston, LA21 8DU
Daily 10.30 to 17.30hrs

The Village Honest Shop at the front of Coniston Institute is now open for business. Designed An Endless Supply, it stocks local produce, veg, jams, eggs, as well as craft and other items.

'Designed by polyfolio practitioners An Endless Supply (known to us as Harry and Larry) with a hard-edged manifesto, this is something close to the Armageddon endgame of ethical consumption lifestyle experiences that The Guardian has been predicting for years. Product ranges include 'Intemperate Youth's Temperance Cordials' (produced by Coniston Youth Club), 'The Angry Farmer' range of raw meats, 'I’ve Got Absolutely No Idea Whatsoever' local souvenirs, alongside misshapen vegetables and knitted covers for everything from extended to individual Ferro Roche. Typically for a haven of visitor experience tranquility, the money tin was stolen on day two. But we shall persevere; it’s going be honest to the point of wonton cruelty.'

Click here for more information.

Truth value makes an appearance at the Institute

Truth value makes an appearance at the Institute