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David Rowan - Pacha Kuti Ten

Date uploaded: May 8, 2013

David Rowan
Pacha Kuti Ten
New Art Gallery Walsall
10th May — 21st July 2013
Floor 4

Pacha Kuti Ten is an exploration of the hidden, unknown and often forgotten underground environments that exist beneath Birmingham and the Black Country. Rowan has researched and visited rivers, mines and bunkers that lie beneath the surface of the more familiar urban landscape.

The name Pacha Kuti or pachakuti refers to an Inca apocalypse legend, a cyclic time of duality and change that roughly translates as "the time when the world will turn upside down". It seems particularly fitting that these subterranean landscapes should be shown high up in the 4th floor gallery overlooking the town.

David Rowan is an artist who lives and works in Birmingham. He works with photography, film and audio works.


6pm - 8pm
Thursday 9 May 2013

Friends, family & colleagues welcome.


In Conversation
Saturday 8 June, 2pm

Join David Rowan for an informal tour of his exhibition.
Book your free place in advance by calling at Reception.

Click here for more information.

David Rowan, RSG9.2.2, 2013. C-Type Print. Courtesy of the artist.

David Rowan, RSG9.2.2, 2013. C-Type Print. Courtesy of the artist.