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Dawn Scarfe; Bivvy Broadcasts

Date uploaded: August 29, 2014

The Forestry Commission's current artist in residence Dawn Scarfe has announced she is teaming up with South London Gallery's youth forum, the Art Assassins on her Bivvy Broadcasts project.  The residency through Sound and Music’s Embedded programme, places composers with leading national arts organisations. Audiences are invited to get involved and listen live on Saturday the 6th of September from 11pm to 7am on Sunday the 7th of September 2014.

Dawn's Bivvy Broadcasts stream live ambient sound through the night from 11pm - 7am. They are set up after dark using a small microphone and tenuous 3g connection. Listeners are offered a window into the nocturnal sounds of the forest whilst keeping vigil over Dawn’s situation as she sleeps out in a bivvy bag on the forest floor. Her location remains secret until the broadcast has finished.

Working with Dawn, the Art Assassins will disperse into small groups to explore different parts of the forest in the dark, maintaining remote contact with each other using radio. Over the stream of ambient sound they will offer a commentary on their unfolding experience, attempting to decipher and share what they think they are hearing.

Click here to find out more about Bivvy Broadcast using the Pocket Guide.

Dawn Scarfe, Bivvy Broadcast

Dawn Scarfe, Bivvy Broadcast