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Deposition at Tremough

Date uploaded: May 29, 2013

1st June – 30th June 2013
Peter Lanyon Building, Universities of Falmouth and Exeter, Tremough Campus, Penryn, TR10 9EZ

Deposition is a functional, sparkling shower in the grounds of Tremough Campus by ruralrecreation. Half way between decorative public fountain and usable facility, it highlights our use of water and the hidden infrastructure that enables it.

The existing systems that power environments such as cities, buildings and the Campus usually go unnoticed. Water distribution is just one of these invisible infrastructures, barely notable even when we turn a tap on to take a drink or wash our hands. The installation also creates an interesting contract between the decorative and practical, and raises some questions about our relationship to water. It isn’t just the value of the shower utility that is explored here, but the changing value of the water itself depending on the delivery mechanism.

Deposition is free and open to all can be found outside the Peter Lanyon building, on the grassy bank, from June 1 to June 30. Deposition is part of Confluence 2013, a programme curated by Phil Rushworth of installations and interventions across the Tremough Campus that explore relationships between art, technology and the physical environment. Other artists are Thomson & Craighead, Stanza, Jamie Allen and Will Scrimshaw.

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'Deposition' (2013) by Alex Murdin and ruralrecreation

'Deposition' (2013) by Alex Murdin and ruralrecreation