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Date uploaded: July 1, 2013

EMSCHERKUNST.2013 will be held between 22nd June and 6th October 2013 along the banks of the Emscher River. It is taking place for the second time, following its success during the European Capital of Culture year 2010, as the largest art project in the public domain providing “renaturation” in the northern Ruhr region. Guests are invited on a journey of art discovery at unexpected locations in the public sphere - ‘a great day out and free of charge’.

EMSCHERKUNST is an exhibition of international artists in public space in Germany’s Ruhr region, along 81 kilometres of the Emscher river. The total exhibition space encompasses around 47 square kilometres, and is located between the participating cities of Duisburg, Dinslaken, Oberhausen, Essen, Bottrop, and Gelsenkirchen - perfect for day excursions on two wheels. EMSCHERKUNST is set to show exciting art projects every three years at unusual locations: fallow wastelands, former industry facilities, and the no-man’s land between the Emscher River and Rhine-Herne Canal will be transformed into stages for national and international artists.

Under the curatorship of Florian Matzner, EMSCHERKUNST.2013 is to be understood as a ‘future workshop’ to accompany, document, and influence the structural change in the northern Ruhr region and the conversion process of the Emscher River until 2020.

Over 30 installations and interventions are on display along the banks of the river, including 11 remaining objects and some purchased temporary works at EMSCHERKUNST.2010 that will be reinstated.

Matzner states: 'Unusual exhibition options, like industrial facilities, residential areas, landscapes, but also ‘non-locations’ and secondary locations between Gelsenkirchen and Dinslaken. As opposed to traditional art exhibitions in the public domain, EMSCHERKUNST is to be understood as a future workshop for the region. Structural change and the Emscher conversion are documented discursively as well as critically'.

EMSCHERKUNST.2013 is a joint venture project of Emschergenossenschaft, Regionalverband Ruhr (Regional Association Ruhr) and Urbane Künste Ruhr. The project is supported by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry for Families, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports (MFKJKS).

Artists: Ai Weiwei / Hans Op De Beeck / Daniel Buren / Mark Dion / Sujin Do / Tue Greenfort / Paula Hayes and Teo Camporeale / Haubitz+Zoche / Jeppe Hein / Inges Idee  / Mischa Kuball and Lawrence Weiner  / KunstVereineRuhr / Galerie für Landschaftskunst  / M+M / Rita McBride / Reiner Maria Matysik / Florian Neuner / Olaf Nicolai and Douglas Gordon with Mogwai / Observatorium / Piet Oudolf and Gross.Max / Marjetica Potrč and Ooze Architects / Tobias Rehberger / Michael Sailstorfer / Tomás Saraceno / Apolonija Šušteršič / West 8 / Elin Wikström / Anna Witt and Uglycute

Curator: Prof. Florian Matzner

22.06 – 06.10.2013
Banks of the Emscher River: Duisburg, Dinslaken, Oberhausen, Essen, Bottrop and Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Click here to visit the EMSCHERKUNST.2013 website for more information.

Areal photo of the Emscher Island in Oberhausen. Photo: Hans BlosseyAreal photo of the Emscher Island in Oberhausen. Photo: Hans Blossey

Areal photo of the Emscher Island in Oberhausen. Photo: Hans BlosseyAreal photo of the Emscher Island in Oberhausen. Photo: Hans Blossey