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Empty Nest by Hilary Jack

Date uploaded: February 6, 2013

Empty Nest by Hilary Jack
23rd March 2013 to 15th December 2013

This work of art nestled in a tree in Compton Verney's ‘Capability’ Brown landscape is testimony to artist Hilary Jack’s ability to transform a visit to the grounds at Compton Verney into an art experience.

Visitors can climb up and step inside this human-scale nest, for a unique bird’s eye view of the grounds.


Hilary Jack:
'The discovery of a bird’s nest in Spring time triggers a naïve delight, a journey back to the bucolic childhood we once had - or wish we once had.

Nests are surely one of the marvels of animal life. Fashioned without tools and made with great efficiency, enterprise, skill and economy of scale, with materials brought from the outside world by a mate. A nest is a home and incubator, built by the body, for the body. Its outer irregular structure dictated by its inner circular form, made sound and strong, by the constant and repeated turning and pressure of a bird’s body against organic materials hollowed out and pressed like felt padding.

Though a precarious thing, a nest is a secret. A hidden place of safety and warmth. A nest is a shelter and bedding, a downy coverlet for a new borne family in which to thrive and ultimately abandon.'

Click here to visit the Compton Verney website.