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Football, tents and making builders happy

Date uploaded: October 19, 2011

Football, a tented city and making builders happy - all these have been elements of the public engagement arts programme from artists Davis and Jones for Junction 3 - a new mixed-use development in Bristol. 

Schoolchildren from Millpond Primary School and a team of construction workers from Leadbitter Group were among those who enjoyed a fierce but friendly afternoon of football on the 30th September. Along with other local groups and workers from the contractor, Leadbitter Group, Millpond Primary is taking part in a range of activities connected with the development. These events are designed to engage and build a relationship with the local community, to raise awareness of the resources that will be available in the new development, to celebrate the area’s diversity and heritage and to promote a sense of ownership and civic pride. Construction workers benefitted earlier this year from hats knitted for them by local people as part of the ‘Make a Builder Happy’ initiative. In 2010, the community was intrigued and involved through the Tented City installation which saw the site taken over by tents.

Willis Newson is working with Davis and Jones to manage the programme. When complete in summer 2012, Junction 3 will house a learning and resource centre, re-home an existing library and provide facilities for a local charity as well as providing housing and spaces for office and community use. It is a partnership initiative between Bristol City Council, Knightstone Housing Association and the Big Lottery Community Libraries Programme.

Visit www.junction3.wordpress.com

Tented City installation, by artists Davis & Jones at Junction 3. Image: Bram Thomas Arnold

Tented City installation, by artists Davis & Jones at Junction 3. Image: Bram Thomas Arnold