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Forestry Commission Residencies

Date uploaded: July 2, 2014

Antoine Bertin and Dawn Scarfe are artists in residence with the Forestry Commission England through their Sound and Music's Embedded programme. Both are presenting work from their residencies in London this week on Thursday the 3rd of July and Saturday 5th July respectively.

Listening to Foxes Listening to Us - Urban Fox Safari

Thursday 3rd July 2014
Departure: Gillet square, Dalston, Hackney 8:30 pm

Foxes are everywhere in London. The urban fox has held a place on the streets and in urban legend for centuries, yet they seem to remain an eternal surprise to the ears and eyes of many of the city’s inhabitants and visitors. Where do foxes come from? Where do they go to? What do they do?

Urban wildlife scientist Marina Pacheco from the Mammal Society and artist Antoine Bertin will lead this fox safari through the streets of Dalston, guiding us through wild parking lots and urban gardens to learn more about the animal. Juice Vocal Ensemble will accompany the tour in an attempt to entice foxes towards the group using their voices.

Free event - Listening to Foxes Listening to Us - 3rd July 2014

Symmetry in Nature
FOAM exhibition opens Friday 5th July 6-9pm
ANDOR, Hackney, London

Fellow Embedded artist in residence Dawn Scarfe will present Symmetry in Nature through a new exhibition FOAM, opening this Friday at ANDOR, London. Symmetry in Nature is a one off 12" black dub plate record, a study in repetition using cuckoo calls recorded in Thetford Forest manipulated digitally (side A) and mechanically (side B).
Symmetry in Nature
Side A: One day should be like another, 2013 (09:17)
Side B: Interference, 2013, (00:02 locked groove loop)
FOAM runs 5 July - 2 August 2014, ANDOR, 237 Hackney Rd, London E2 8NA

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