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Fractal Flowers, Seoul, South Korea

Date uploaded: March 11, 2009

Fractal Flowers by Miguel Chevalier is projected onto the embankments of the Cheonggyecheonno River in Seoul. It is part of  the innovative Seoul cultural policy that introduces art into the public realm, and realises long-term installations of virtual reality, that aims to turn the city into a 21st century capital.

At present the installation is projected onto a wall of 40ft x 13ft and there are currently plans to enlarge this to 164 ft x 13 ft.

Next to the natural environment of the Cheonggyecheonno River, an artificial nature comes to life at dusk: the Fractal Flowers. These gigantic fractal flowers are made up of different colors and shapes and are endlessly generated and projected.

Gigantic virtual plants proliferate on the surface of the stone wall. Autonomous virtual flowers are grown, bloom and then disappear to leave place for new ones. 

The flowers have a real monumentality with their geometric shapes and at the same time have an evanescent aspect. They bend as if to make a reverence to the passer by and react to their movements.

KIM Mijoung / IL Communication SEOUL
[email protected]

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Visit www.miguel-chevalier.com