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Horse Woman - a series of performance walks by Martina Vermorel

Date uploaded: October 24, 2012

Horse Woman - a series of performance walks by Martina Vermorel

Martina Vermorel is completing a series of performance walks following the Equestrian trails provided in the book The Bridleways of Britain, starting in Folkestone on Tuesday 23rd October at 10am.

For the past year, Martina has been working on the Horse Woman project, making a number of performances and keeping a blog which documents the various happenings.

The intention is for the project to take six months. There are twenty-seven walks in total each of varying length. Each walk will be documented, posted onto a blog and written about. Click here to view the blog. This has been used by Martina to document and research Horse Woman throughout the past year. In addition, Strange Cargo will show some of the work on their website.

The Walks: Horse Woman - The Walks will follow twenty-seven walks covering over 1000 miles.
Click here
to follow the progress of the walks.
A list of all the walks and their documentation will be displayed on the blog along with text and video.

If you have any questions or comments about the project please email [email protected]

Clcik here for further details