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Hortus: an audio-installation by LIFT at Dalston East Curve Garden

Date uploaded: June 17, 2013

LIFT is presenting Hortus from 17th-22nd June, an interactive audio installation which processes data drawn from a living garden using algorithms from the financial market into a sonic landscape - depicting our impact upon the natural world.

To launch this free audio installation at Dalston East Curve Garden, a Salon event is being held on Monday 17th June at 7pm, discussing themes of sustainability and human ecology. Bringing together experts and artists the Hortus Salon will begin by presenting two hypothetical futures: 2020 and 2084. Each future comes with its own model of society; each with a different political, cultural, environmental and social approach to the same issues.

Mike Berners-Lee (a leading expert in carbon footprinting and director at Small World Consulting and author of How Bad are Bananas?), Carlos Magdalena (horticulturist at Kew Gardens) and artists Ackroyd and Harvey will be helping to examine these visions of the future and how they might fit with our own. Click here for more information.

Hortus runs from 17th - 22nd June. Dalston East Curve Garden is transformed into a interactive audio installation, where data drawn from the living plants are processed according to algorithms from the financial market into a sonic landscape.

As human presence is detected in the garden a financial algorithm (similar to the ones used in a speculation economic market) interprets the variation of the received data and transforms and remaps the natural garden soundscape to which plants seem most profitable in that split second.

Hortus is presented as part of Two Degrees 2013 in association with Artsadmin, and is a HOUSE on FIRE co-production. HOUSE on FIRE is supported by the EU Culture Programme.

Hortus Salon: Monday 17th June 19:00 FREE Dalston East Curve Garden
Hortus: 17th - 22nd June 11:00 - 19:00 FREE Dalston East Curve Garden

Click here for more information.