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In Certain Places: the inaugural Transit of Venus Real Ale Competition

Date uploaded: May 23, 2012

An invitation to the inaugural Transit of Venus Real Ale Competition, on behalf of In Certain Places artist, David Henckel. The competition forms part of Henckel's current commission for In Certain Places, which is one of four new artworks developed to coincide with the Preston Guild celebrations in September 2012. Click here for more information.

You are warmly invited to join In Certain Places for:
The Inaugural Transit of Venus Real Ale Competition

Monday 4th June 2012, 2pm onwards
Hoole St. Michael C of E School grounds
Liverpool Old Rd.
Much Hoole

A day of beer, food, music and soft drinks (for the young ones, drivers or those of a temperant nature), taking place in Much Hoole - the historic location of the 1639 observation of the transit of Venus by Jeremiah Horrocks.

The last transit occurred in 2004 and the 2012 transit will happen overnight in the UK on the 5th/6th June. It will be the last one in our lifetime... unless you can hang on until 2117.

Throughout the day you will be able to sample a range of Arkwright's beer, including "The Transit of Venus" - a 7.1% IPA and "The Black Drop Effect" - a Black Cherry Stout, find out more about the project, chat to the brewers, eat some food and maybe have a bit of a dance about.

The winning brewer will have their name engraved on a special transit trophy (which doubles as a time capsule to hold the winning recipe) during the Preston Guild celebrations in September. After which the trophy, pre-engraved with the dates of future transits, will be given to the residents of Much Hoole for safe keeping. The idea is that the competition becomes a tradition and the trophy passes through time, collecting the names of future winning brewers and their recipes. The winner will also get to work with Arkwright's brewery to develop their beer commercially and have their winning ale form part of a box set of three transit related beers.

The beer will be judged by some of the residents of Much Hoole, Arkwright's brewery and one professional beer judge. Judging will take place throughout the day and the winner announced at approximately 5pm.

For more information about the project, please click here to visit the project blog.