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Latest News from Art on the Underground

Date uploaded: April 3, 2013

Latest News from Art on the Underground

In 2013, London Underground, the world’s first underground railway, celebrates 150 years since the very first Tube journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon on the Metropolitan Railway. Events and activities will take place throughout the year, exploring the Tube’s fascinating history and also look at the vital role it will continue to play in the future – both in the lives of Londoners and to the economic life of London and the UK.

As part of this momentous year, Art on the Underground is delivering a range of projects. The first of these projects has already launched: Mark Wallinger's Labyrinth, a major artwork commission for all 270 stations on the Underground, featured on the front cover of The Guardian and The Culture Show.

Mark Wallinger

Mark Wallinger has created a major new artwork for London Underground to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The result is a multi-part work that will be installed in every one of the Tube’s 270 stations. Labyrinth is a unique opportunity to explore the potential of the Underground as a whole: forging a poetic link with the Tube’s rich history of graphic language, Wallinger has made a work that sits alongside design icons such as the roundel and Harry Beck’s Tube map, a new symbol marking the Tube’s 150th year.

The location of the artworks will be different at each station, whether in the ticket hall or on the platform, encouraging people to seek them out. Artworks are installed in 69 stations so far and will be gradually installed between now and the summer. Click here to view the map for the location of the artworks.

A dynamic programme of events, activities and initiatives will be delivered throughout 2013 to accompany Labyrinth.

Click here for more information on Labyrinth.

Current Tube map cover: Petrobras [Rio]
Sarah Morris

Artist Sarah Morris’s art work, Petrobras [Rio], commissioned by Art on the Underground is currently displayed on the front cover of millions of Pocket Tube maps. The title is a reference to the Brazilian energy company and the recent Olympic and Paralympic games. This vibrant, abstract diagram encourages us to think about a journey - not a linear journey from A to B but more a slippage where thoughts and interactions occur that cannot be measured or contained. Available in stations across the network.

Click here for more information on Petrobras [Rio].

Jacqueline Poncelet

Rewrap is a new set of artworks created by leading, London-based artist Jacqueline Poncelet. Designed specifically for the ticket hall sites at Piccadilly Circus station, the artworks are companion pieces to a new permanent work, Wrapper, created by the artist and commissioned by Art on the Underground for a new building at Edgware Road Tube station. The first part of Rewrap has now been installed at Piccadilly Circus station; due to engineering work, the whole set of artworks will be on view from May 2013.

Click here for more information on Rewrap.

'Labyrinth' by Mark Wallinger

'Labyrinth' by Mark Wallinger