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MEANDERTHON - a free event celebrating Slow Art Day

Date uploaded: April 2, 2012

MEANDERTHON - a free event celebrating Slow Art Day

Dedicated and/or insomniac art lovers are needed to watch a 24-hour film of people walking, running and cycling through the Yorkshire Dales.  The day-long film is an excerpt from Meander, a project by ADEPT (artists Shanaz Gulzar and Steve Manthorp) commissioned by Chrysalis Arts as part of their Slow Art programme.

For the project, people walked, ran and cycled through the Yorkshire Dales while recording on headband-mounted video cameras. The recordings have been edited into a synchronised, split-screen film showing where they were looking and what engaged their interest at every moment.

The film will run from 7am on Saturday 28th to 7am on Sunday 29th April at Chrysalis Arts’ Art Depot in Gargrave (BD23 3SE).

“Of course, most participants will only want to drop in for a short time,” said ADEPT’s Steve Manthorp, “but we hope that some will join in the spirit of the event by visiting the Meanderthon late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning. We’re also looking for a hardy few to volunteer to stay throughout the entire screening.”

Besides the film, visitors to Meanderthon will be invited to help draw a giant Meander Map of the Imagination by adding their own imaginary building or feature of the landscape to the ever-growing map. Children and adults can take part in this 3D map-making activity which will be taking place throughout the afternoon. Participants can take their work away with them and everyone’s 3D map square will be photographed, creating the giant Meander Map of the Imagination

Everyone is welcome! Contact France-Leigh on 01756 748529 /749222; [email protected]
Or click here to visit the bookings page on Eventbrite.

Chrysalis Arts’ Slow Art programme is a creative development inspired by the Slow Food movement. It highlights current changes affecting sustainability, and the impact of climate change and peak oil, showing how the way we live affects our world.

Meander: www.adeptprojects.co.uk/meander
Slow Art: www.slowart.co.uk
Slow Art Day: www.slowartday.com
Chrysalis Arts: www.chrysalisarts.com

Visit meanderthon.eventbrite.com/