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META 2011-2016

Date uploaded: September 19, 2011

META, the Manifest of Europe for Transformation through Art.

Nine years after its creation, the IN SITU network, with its new project, META, intends to develop the idea of a societal function of art and artistic creation in public space while asserting its support in accompanying a humanistic project of contemporary European society.

For this project, IN SITU has brought together 19 partners, 9 of which belong to an inner circle of decision-makers. The network now covers 14 countries in the European Union and has reached out appreciably towards Central Europe.

2011-2016: Five years to implement the ambitious actions focussing on three main themes:

  1. European metamorphoses - how large-scale artistic offerings can bring renewed magic to public space;
  2. Walk in Progress - urban walks, strolls and other circuits designed to help us (re)discover our living spaces; and
  3. Shared Cities - in which the artistic creations draw their inspiration from the territories and their inhabitants themselves.

Each theme has been placed under the benevolent eye of a personality from the world of the arts or ideas: the philosopher Bernard Stiegler; the producer Bob Wilson; and the dramatist and General Manager of Kosice 2013, Zora Jaurova. Each theme offers a different means of exploring the convergence of art and the city: sparking and spectacular for the first; Aristotelian and pedestrian for the second; and harking back to forgotten yet fundamental solidarities for the third, each on a European scale.

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Dancer Yukiko Nakamura. © PHOTO Alan McAteer Photography

Dancer Yukiko Nakamura. © PHOTO Alan McAteer Photography