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Michael Pinsky’s Fidget Installation Launches

Date uploaded: June 27, 2012

Michael Pinsky’s Fidget Installation Launches

The new installation created by artist Michael Pinsky will make its first appearance at:
Granary Square, Kings Cross, London
Thursday 28 June 2012

What could 22 minutes of wiggling a day do for you? What could we learn from 1950’s bus drivers? Will you listen to the findings from following 100,000 American Nurses or the lessons from following folk from Whitehall or Norfolk?

The Fidget Project has been developed by a team of sport physicians, artists and technicians and supported by the Wellcome Trust. Fidget is all about clear, informative communication about the science of sedentary behaviour. Timed to coincide with this summer of sport Fidget will help everyone to understand what happens when we kick back on the sofa. Spectacular, interactive, challenging and engaging, Fidget will move your world!

Fidget will be opened at 9am by comedian and actor Katy Brand. This launch day in London will be followed by a national tour until 7 August.

For more information, including a full list of tour dates and venues visit the website: www.fidgetproject.org.uk or contact [email protected] more information.

Visit www.fidgetproject.org.uk