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Neville Gabie: Achiltibuie Residency

Date uploaded: May 29, 2013

Inverness Old Town Art (IOTA) has been invited to curate and deliver a number of public art projects across the Highlands with support from the Highland Culture Strategic Board. As part of this public art programme, Neville Gabie has been Artist in Residence in Achiltibuie.

Neville has been capturing footage of significant events in Achiltibue - the launch of a new community skiff, the Lily Rose and the Coigach Regatta. Last weekend Coigach were declared the winning team after competing against crews from all over the country including Portobello, Newhaven, Newburgh and Helmsdale. The sun sparkled, on cue, on Sunday morning as the final race concluded on the island of Tanera with the rowers celebrating together.

Neville’s practice is focused on responding to locations which are in the process of change. His work has resulted in sculpture, photography, temporary interventions, books and films made in response to specific locations or situations.

In October 2010, Neville was appointed the first Artist in Residence in the history of the modern Olympics. This has provided a unique opportunity to embed himself within the context of a regeneration project of extraordinary scale.

Often Neville works in collaboration with other artists and writers. Previous projects include: Artist in Residence at Tate Liverpool; a four month residency at Halley Research Station, Antarctica with the British Antarctic survey; three years as artist in residence on a building site in Bristol – Cabot Circus and a five year project in a North Liverpool Tower towerblock. He has worked on residencies as far afield as Guangzhou in China, a remote part of western Australia and Afghan Refugee camps in Pakistan.

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Neville Gabie capturing the Coigach Regatta.

Neville Gabie capturing the Coigach Regatta.