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New interactive sculpture unveiled in Manchester

Date uploaded: October 19, 2011

New interactive sculpture unveiled in Manchester

Anyone Who Has a Heart is a light sculpture that displays your heart rate.

It is a landmark and signature artwork recently installed at the entrance to the new Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. The work breathes (blue) in default, the average breath rate of a human being.
Walking around the sculpture triggers sensors and changes the light display.
When interacted with the sculpture takes and then projects the heart rate (red). Infrared sensors around the sculpture when broken, create different colour and sequence patterns. It can also tell you the time as every hour the sculpture turns into a clock. Holding onto the stainless steel hand grips monitors your heart rate and translates that into a red light display synchronised with your pulse. The sequence is explained on floor panels along with information about the heart rate of a range of animals.Textblue technology sends an information text to phones within a 30m radius.

Conceived of as the 'heart and lungs' of the hospital and created by Andrew Small and Steven Almond.

It was commissioned by Lime in collaboration with the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The work was made by artist Andrew Small, commissioned through a special arts programme allocation from the hospital's Charitable Funds.

Video clip http://www.vimeo.com/30159229

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/brianatlime#p/u/0/rf9j3jSJyLE

Anyone Who Has a Heart by Andrew Small and Steven Almond

Anyone Who Has a Heart by Andrew Small and Steven Almond