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New public library façade inspired by local cultural heritage, France

Date uploaded: September 13, 2009

Artist Françoise Schein has created a monumental tree shaped map for the Plaza and the façade of the new Public Library, in the city of Les Mureaux in France.

Produced with the active participation of 150 inhabitants, the artist has given the population an opportunity to appropriate their own encyclopedic images and texts from various library sources, reflecting the cultural content of the building.

The black on green inverted city map is shown grounded as a tree onto the Seine river, which itself wraps around the building, signifying the origin of the city.

Working as an interface between the inside and the outside of the Library, the artist’s participative production of the work has succeed in gathering people from multiple origins, ages, religions and social status. For many months they worked closely together creating between them a unique synergy.

Françoise Schein’s work explores one of humanity's most fundamental desire - the right to have access to an understanding of the world we inhabit and the meaning of human existence. She is the artist of the Concorde métro station in Paris and the founder of the Association Inscrire.

Commissioned by the city of les Mureaux, with the support of the French Ministery of Culture, the Conseil Général des Yvelines, the Région Île-de-France, Urban II projets de villes, projets de vies, the European Union.

Contact Françoise Schein
[email protected]

Visit www.inscrire.com

New public library, Les Mureaux. Façade: Francoise Schein. Photo: art-public

New public library, Les Mureaux. Façade: Francoise Schein. Photo: art-public