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Phonography in the forest - Patrick Farmer

Date uploaded: September 2, 2013

Patrick Farmer
Phonography in the forest

Grizedale Forest has welcomed the return of experimental sound artist and composer Patrick Farmer. Patrick’s visit is part of an extended residency focussing on his prolonged interaction with the forest environment.

Patrick aims to inhabit and record the landscape, depicting his interaction through an intermingling of sound, imagery and the written word to produce a synergy of imagination and environment, ‘a new reality’ very specific to Grizedale Forest.

During his second visit Patrick has explored vast areas of the surrounding landscape, gaining a greater understanding of Grizedale Forest, enabling him to approach his field recordings (phonograpy), poetry and prose with clear intent and focus.

'to represent the forest environment in simply one medium is impossible.'

Using contact microphones to investigate surface vibrations Patrick has been examining the interaction between a rock and the ground (see picture on right hand side). The process is selective and reductive, allowing him to slow down and truly connect with the environment.

Patrick’s investigations will be brought together as part of an exhibition set for late 2014. The installation will consist of 300 loud speakers, imagery lifted on to glass (which will intermittently become part of the overall sound), and a publication of text and poetry providing an extensive documentation of Patrick’s time in the forest.

Patrick’s residency has been supported by the national agency for new music Sound and Music. He plans to return to Grizedale Forest in February to continue with his investigations.

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