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Steve Geliot - TREECYCLE

Date uploaded: May 14, 2012

Steve Geliot  - TREECYCLE

Steve Geliot’s artwork was commissioned by Southampton City Council for their new Household Waste Recycling facility “City Depot” next to the western docks. The commission uses lenticular printing to make a tree appear to cycle through the seasons as you move past the building.

Geliot: 'I wanted to create a visual reward for people as they do their recycling, so I decided to return to a familiar image of a tree, but this time use lenticular printing to make the tree appear to cycle through the seasons as you physically move past the building.

The tree was simply painted on the fifteen meter high building using a specialist paint system, and then thousands of lenticular plastic leaves were applied using some very high performance adhesive tape. To achieve the lenticular effect I was looking for I was assisted by Formula 11 and their partner’s CREA Belgium.

It was truly exhilerating working at this dramatic and dynamic port location.'

Click here for more information and to view the video documenting the project.