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Date uploaded: May 28, 2012

TRACK has got off to a good start. The opening weekend attracted no less than 12,000 visitors and since then at least 20,000 more people have already visited! With the lovely weather, TRACK is a great way to experience Ghent, with plenty of spots in both sun and shade, and also spacious museums to cool off in.

Over the Whitsun weekend, ‘The Castle of Vooruit’ lifted off again at the Waalse Krook (Kuiperskaai). This balloon had sprung a leak and had to be brought down last week. A technical inspection showed that the holes and tears were the result of vandalism: bullet holes, bullets and cartridges were found. The culprits are being sought and extra cameras have been installed to guard the artwork. It’s a pity that this has happened, the balloon could behas been repaired, refilled and sent up again on Sunday.

Sven Augustijnen’s work was delayed - but the bicycle and the charcoal arrived at S.M.A.K. and can now be seen in the Citadel Park (Gustaaf Den Duytsdreef). For more info, click here.

TRACK-passes admit visitors to S.M.A.K., the MSK, the House of Alijn, St Peter’s Abbey, as well, of course, as all the open TRACK locations.

Up-to-date info can be found on www.track.be!

Visit www.track.be/en/