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Vicente: 10th September to 25th October 2011

Date uploaded: August 22, 2011


10th September to 25th October 2011

Curator: Mário Caeiro - Project Travessa da Ermida/ Lisboa na Rua/ Com'out Lisbon

After coordinating two editions of Luzboa in Portugal and three of Skyway festival in Poland, Mário Caeiro presents the first edition of Vicente, a chamber project that connects the art of light to the history and myth in Lisbon, through several light art demonstrations inside and outside the space involving the Project Travessa da Ermida.

Crows – traditionally called ‘Vicentes’ – are an important symbol of the city of Lisbon. Discreetly, they stare at us from the coats of arms hanging from the street lamps, flying on the official flags, but have been absent from the collective memory. Now, Projecto Travessa da Ermida has decided to ‘give wings’ to the Crow of Lisbon, in a project of urban culture, public art and publishing, with the participation of international creators and developed in a partnership with several entities, institutions and companies. Vicente is the cosmopolitan unrest of imagination.

Vicente is an urban culture project dedicated to the riverside area of Belém, integrating the street, the landscape and the image of Lisbon in a set of contemporary art interventions executed at the Ermida Nossa Senhora da Conceição, and along the Travessa do Marta Pinto and its proximities. 

Vídeo Vicente: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JKUhWdKz98

Visit www.travessadaermida.com/?q=N/-/101

Jana Matejkova

Jana Matejkova