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Vivid Projects: Revolution 03: Oh To Be In England

Date uploaded: March 20, 2013

Coming up next at Vivid Projects:
Revolution 03: Oh To Be In England
Friday 22nd March, 6pm and Saturday 23rd March, 12-5pm at Vivid Projects

A bricolage of film, print, and song exploring the anarchic spirit of 60s and 70s Britain; from post '68 revolutionary fervour to the counter-cultural arts lab movement and Rock Against Racism.

For Oh To Be In England, Vivid Projects have selected three contrasting films that make a forceful comment on our social experience through documentary sources, the domestic environment and the power of collective experience.

The film programme focuses on three voices reflecting on England in the 1970s. Two of these films - The Berwick Street Collective’s Nightcleaners and Alan Miles’ Who Shot The Sheriff? – capture grassroots campaigns that open up the socio-political issues that became central to society during that period. The third, A Dream From The Bath, is a more personal refection from Marc Karlin, one of the four credited members of the Berwick Street Collective who made Nightcleaners, and who went on to work on an extraordinary body of films exploring urgent left wing politics, history and memory. These three contrasting works invite the viewer to consider the power of the camera and the edit in framing and questioning the society we inhabit.

Vivid Projects will also set the scene for Revolution 04: Birmingham Arts Lab Sessions; Trevor Pitt opens the programme with a 1970s music set inspired and suggested by participants in the Birmingham Arts Lab Sessions, a special commission for Flatpack, which will be open during the festival (Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th March, 12-5pm).

Oh To Be In England and the Birmingham Arts Lab Sessions are the third and fourth revolutions presented as part of 33 Revolutions, an eight month programme that asks the question, can art and culture be a catalyst for social change?

Vivid Projects, 16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley St, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5RS

Friday 22 March, 6-9pm
Saturday 23 March, 12-5pm

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Copyright © 2013 Vivid Projects, All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2013 Vivid Projects, All rights reserved.