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Wall of Eyes, Kinetica Art Fair 2009, London

Date uploaded: February 24, 2009

Wall of Eyes by Adrian Baynes will be displayed at the Kinetica Art Fair in London from 28th February until 2nd March, 2009.

Adrian's previous works The Coventry Wall of Light and the Rochester Wall of Light were both commissioned as larger versions of the original work for public exhibition.

The Coventry Wall of Light (in collaboration with Graeme Crowley & Paul Hudson) is some 50 metres long and part of it allows the public to text whatever they wish in metre high letters. The panels are designed to be vandal resistant and feature 160,000 glass marbles.

It won an open design competition and was commissioned by Arrowcroft PLC. It was also shortlisted for the Peugeot Oxo design award and won the Coventry Design Award 2003.  

It has been operating for over 6 years in Coventry City Centre.

Follow this link to view more about the work

The Rochester Wall (in collaboration with Graeme Crowley) was commissioned by the Helium Foundation for an NHS hospital.

Over 15 metres long, it is operated by motion sensors which trigger a radiating, constantly changing multi coloured LED array.

Wall of Eyes

Adrian Baynes' new work is an interactive public artwork, at first appearing as a decorative panel of blue & white circles, but in fact comprising of 225 glass eyes, all moving to follow the viewer.

Fabricated to be vandal resistant, it is hoped a larger final piece will be permanently installed internally or externally.

The Kinetica Art Fair is on between 28th February until 2nd March 2009, at:
The University of Westminster - Marylebone
35 Marylebone Road

Follow this link to find out more about the Kinetica Art Fair

Wall of Eyes, Adrian Baynes. Photo: Kinetica Art Show

Wall of Eyes, Adrian Baynes. Photo: Kinetica Art Show