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Weather Station

Date uploaded: May 18, 2015

OSRProjects present 'Weather Station', a mobile pavilion for the collection of images, objects and ideas. An artist-led response to flooding and extreme weather, exploring the changing relationship with landscape and the natural world. The exhibition brings together new and existing work by artists Jethro Brice, Simon Lee Dicker and Alexander Stevenson and will be on display at the OSR Project Space in Somerset from the 20th of June to the 11th of July 2015, from Thursday to Saturday 11am – 5pm (or by appointment).

Cumulative rather than collaborative, the structure passes from one artist to the next, gathering traces of its journey through the streets, fields and rivers of South West England.

Weather Station (Part I) brings together new and existing work by OSR Projects associates Jethro Brice and Simon Lee Dicker alongside work by Alexander Stevenson (selected by Hestercombe Gallery, Somerset). The exhibition will also include the Weather Station structure and documentation of the journey it has taken so far.

Weather Station (Part II) will take place throughout the South West UK. Regional partners include B-Side (Dorset), Backlane West (Cornwall), Exeter Phoenix (Devon), Hand in Glove (Bristol), Plymouth Art Centre (Devon), and Stair/Slide/Space (Hampshire). Partners will be selecting artists to host the weather station and take part in a series of exhibitions and events that will take place throughout Summer 2016.

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