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b-side festival programme

Date uploaded: August 27, 2014

The  4th b-side festival entitled 'Flip the Switch' will launch on Friday the 5th of September from 6 to 9.30pm at St George’s CCT Church, Portland, Dorset and marks the start of 10 days of live art, sound, visual art, film and installation all exclusively hosted this year on the Isle of Portland.

b-side has commissioned national and international Artists to make work in response to Portland, UK. Encouraging an eclectic mix of visual art, text, sound, installation and live art. Artists have explored the island’s heritage, cultural history and local taboos as well as Portland’s special ecology and geology to bring a unique interpretation of place.

The festival organisers have curated a programme of original work: sometimes poignant or challenging, sometimes celebratory and frequently witty. Visitors will find work on footpaths, in a living room, a library, a cafe, within a prison wall, at bus stops, in a church and more traditionally, in a gallery and theatre.

The programme includes a wealth of events to experience and participate in: including a mass night time bike ride, cabaret, walks, film
screenings and a shed-based communal reading experience!

Audiences are invited to join the conversation about art, the island and how hosts and visitors alike interpret and understand the landscape in the Art
Confessional and Talkaoke.

To find out more information or download the full programme click here.

You dirty spoon: Ania Bas

You dirty spoon: Ania Bas