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22nd International Sculpture Conference: CALL FOR PAPERS London, UK - April 2010

June 4, 2009

22nd International Sculpture Conference: CALL FOR PAPERS London, UK - April 2010 - Deadline: 4th June 2009

22nd International Sculpture Conference

What is Sculpture in the 21st Century?

London, 7-9th April 2010

The ISC's 22nd International Sculpture Conference will explore and consider the potential of sculpture in the 21st century - to provide an opportunity to both celebrate its vitality and diversity, its capacity to challenge, and to examine its current position, function and production.

The ISC is currently soliciting papers/panel topics for its 22nd International Sculpture Conference being held in London, UK in April 2010.

Individuals are invited to submit proposals for papers and panel discussions that provoke critical exchange and debate in relation to the broad thematic areas referred to below and outlined on the ISC's website.

Submissions are encouraged that support opportunities for interaction between participants and enable the conference to engage in a truly international exchange of ideas and viewpoints.

Individuals wishing to contribute panel abstract proposals for the 22nd International Sculpture Conference must submit a 200 word abstract for review by the Conference Advisory Committee. 

Abstract submission deadline is June 4, 2009. Abstracts received after the submission deadline will automatically be placed on the waiting list.

Visit www.sculpture.org/documents/ProgramsandEvents/conferences/london/callforpapers.shtml