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Crescent Arts Centre launch a site-specific artwork delivered by artist collective Robots

23rd September 2011 at 2.30pm


On 23rd September 2011, Crescent Arts Centre will launch a site-specific permanent artwork, a Percent for Art commission delivered by artist collective Robots, throughout selected public areas of the listed landmark building.

The commission was awarded in December 2010 and installation is currently in process in May and June 2011.

The sculpture is made from recycled and reclaimed wood that has been salvaged or donated. Materials have been sourced from salvage yards, recycling plants, Belfast docks, second hand furniture stores, private donations, online advertising, auctions. Material was chosen for historical and personal relevance, structural integrity or simply beauty.

The use of environmentally sustainable materials (recycled and reclaimed wood) is important to the Crescent’s ethos, especially as the end product is determined by these resources being available/donated/found and allowed for stakeholder involvement.

Four main techniques have been used to construct the modular sculpture:

  • Irregular geodesic multi-faceted clusters that form large geometric crystalline objects;
  • Bundles;
  • 3D mazes;
  • Mosaic.

The large-scale sculpture aims to reference movement, nature and technology.

Naturally accruing phenomena act as the muse for this piece, including The Giants Causeway, Crystal caves, cloud formations and dendritic pathways. Paradoxically these natural physical laws can be found, simulated in computer aided animation using generative code technology and this secondary point of reference has allowed the artists to tackle the problem of creating organic representation from square, man-made objects.

The Artists: Robots>>>> specialise in building large site-specific sculptures made from recycled and reclaimed wood. Founded in 2009 in London, their work to date include commissions, exhibitions and projects in London, Belfast and other site across the UK, New York and most recently Quito (Ecuador).

Visit Crescent Arts Centre's website for more information

Photo copyright Simon Mills

Photo copyright Simon Mills