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Cultural City: How Arts Policies Influence Space

June 24, 2009, 6:00 pm

On Wed 24 June artists and urban practitioners will explore the impact the next general election could have on our cities:      

Would a change of government be 'more of the same' or usher in a new period of radical change? 
How can artists be brought further into spatial planning, such as regeneration? 

Might cultural policy be free of targets and an emphasis on 'outcomes and outputs'? 
Will differences continue to be celebrated in the public realm, or is it time 
diversity debates were left behind? 
Might cultural funding and energy shift away from the diverse centre
 to the suburbs and the rural? 

Would a change of government usher in a new culture of resistance in 
our cities? What will a post Labour cultural landscape look like?

Speakers Include:

  • Sonia Metha / Creative Industries Consultant 

  • Dr Andy Pratt / Cultural & Creative Industries, LSE

  • John Pandit / Musician & Rich Mix Centre Founding Board Member

  • Helen Burrows / Policy Adviser,

  • Ed Vaizey MP, Shadow Culture Minister

  • Gavin Alexander / DJ & Founder of CDR

6.30 pm, St Anne's, Soho, 55 Dean Street, London, W1D 6AF

Post Salon Essay by Sukdev Sandhu                  

About This Is Not A Gateway SALONS:

This Is Not A Gateway SALONS are a series of informal workshops where speakers, from a range of fields and backgrounds, are invited to investigate a focused question related to cities. Discussion and cross-sector learning is integral to the Salons and presentations are limited to 10 minutes each, with greater concentration on audience participation. The key ideas and questions raised during the Salon are distilled and circulated through a post-salon essay.

The Salons are free and informal. There are always beer and bagels.

Registration required. Please email: [email protected]

Download the event notification for more details(67 KB)