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Evaluating Arts in Health Initiatives: Professional Development Opportunities

Wednesday 11 January 2012 - Wednesday 21 March 2012

Evaluating Arts in Health Initiatives

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Develop or expand the skills you need to evaluate arts in health and social care projects;
  • Develop professional skills for a career in a growing and dynamic field;
  • Study as part of an accredited programme leading to a professionally recognised Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or MA/MSc.

This course will provide an overview of evaluation techniques in arts and health and introduce participants to the theoretical concepts and practical tools they need to undertake their own evaluations. A growing body of evidence supports the contribution of arts to healthcare and senior policy makers have endorsed the inclusion of arts at all levels of service provision. However, commissioners are increasingly demanding evidence of outcomes and impacts of arts activities and project evaluation remains a key challenge for practitioners and organisations.

Who is this course for?

To support and develop the practice of arts in health project and programme managers as well as artists, musicians, creative writers, performers and other creative professionals working with, or wishing to develop skills in evaluation within health, community and social care settings. It will also be of interest to health and social care professionals, including nurses, doctors, activity co-ordinators, occupational or creative arts therapists and managers.

What will the course contain?

  • An overview of evaluation for arts in health – how to develop an evidence-based practice and understand the models, tools and methods available.
  • Reviewing the evidence – how to find, critically appraise and use existing evidence.
  • Designing an evaluation framework – the analytical and practical skills needed to undertake your own evaluation and present the results.
  • Creative approaches – using arts-based methods as part of evaluation and research

For further information about the course, contact:
Norma Daykin: [email protected]
Miranda Borman: [email protected]

Visit www.willisnewson.co.uk

Click here to download more details about the Evaluating Arts for Health Initiatives course(171 KB)

How the Crow Flies, by Heinrich and Palmer

How the Crow Flies, by Heinrich and Palmer