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Kent Design Seminars

30th October and the 12th November 2014

Kent Design have announced they will be delivering two seminar events in October and November. The first entitled 'Planning for Place' will take place on Thursday the 30th of October 2014 at the Quarterhouse in Folkestone, with the second, 'Here Comes the Sun' taking place on the 12th of November 2014 at the Council Chamber of Ashford Borough Council in Ashford. 

Here Comes the Sun: The rise and rise of positive public art in place making

Thursday the 30th of October 2014 from 9.45am to 4pm.

Quarterhouse, Mill Bay, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1BN

A one-day seminar exploring new strategies and approaches employed by artists and cultural practitioners when working within the public realm to build opportunities for cultural development in place making.

The seminar will look at various local, national and international examples of particular commissions and projects, which have taken place within a regeneration (place) context.

Taking into account the new financial reality works will be explored, which present a new way of commissioning and offer alternative models in respect of economic viability and sustainability.

The seminar will also explore how artists are challenging perceptions of what public art can be and its role in respect of place making and community engagement. It will focus on projects that are risk taking (looking at both successes and failures) push boundaries, and in many cases are transformational – achieving exceptional, remarkable works which have a significant positive impact on places and communities.

Examples: A community land trust and co-operative bakery owned by the residents of Anfield and Breckfield in North Liverpool; a full scale replica of a 1950’s Westland suburban home relocated to Detroit’s city centre and transformed into an open space for diverse community activities; an urban soundwork of ten location-triggered stories, delivered as a mobile app; a ‘bouncy castle’ replica of Stonehenge made available for all to enjoy. All of these are examples of recent approaches adopted by artists when working outside of the gallery space. All of these have contributed to building a sense of place and sense of pride – critical for the making of new sustainable neighbourhoods.

The event is free to Kent Design members within their membership package allocation. Additional places are available at £95 + VAT to book online click here. Membership places can be booked by emailing [email protected] 

Planning for Place: Shaping Local Plans seminar

Wednesday the 12th of November 2014 from 5.00pm to 7.15pm.

Council Chamber, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Road, Ashford TN23 1PL

The National Planning Policy Framework strongly emphasises place-making, design quality and the role of communities in shaping their environments. More recently, the Farrell Review positions ‘Place’ at the centre of recommendations for future of the built environment.

Set within this policy context, this seminar will focus on ways to deliver high quality places through Local Plans. Speakers will examine the importance of local context, historic character, natural resources and the aspirations of local communities that contribute positively to making places better for people.

The event will be facilitated by Peter Studdert (Planning and Design Consultant and former Director of Planning at Cambridge City Council), who will also speak alongside representatives from Brighton and Hove Borough Council, Ashford Borough Council, PCKO Architects and Design South East.

Aimed at Heads of Planning, Senior Planning Officers, Development Managers, and Local Councillors, this seminar will support participants to deal effectively with shaping their Local Plans by having the right policies and guidance in place to set the design expectations that relate to their area.

By the end of this seminar participants will have:

  • Understood the implications of design in the NPPF
  • Determinedthe policy context for planning and design guidance, and development management
  • Explored how planning authorities can raise design standards through design review, design guidance, and design codes
  • Reflected on how they can apply this knowledge to their own Local Plans

The event is free to Kent Design members within their membership package allocation. Additional places are available at £95 + VAT to book online click here. Membership places can be booked by emailing [email protected]