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Lets talk Commons

Sunday, 11th December 2011, 4pm - 6pm

Lets talk Commons
Sunday, 11th December 2011, 4pm - 6pm 
At public works - 1-5 Vyner street, London E2 9DG

After a talk by James Quilligan at an event held by School of Commoning the realisation of how far the thinking about commons extends, from cultural commons to intellectual commons, digital commons, common governance and the common sector as an additional sector to the existing private and public sector lead to the inspiration for this event.

In this Friday (Sunday) session we are delighted to invite:

  • The School of Commoning will introduce their activities towards a new kind of educational space, to bring the commons into being. It is a social enterprise that provides education for commons culture and social renewal.
  • Michel Bauwens, research fellow at university of Amsterdam and external expert at Pontifical academy of social sciences to talk about co-production and co-governance.
  • Celine Condorelli will explore forms of commons and commonality, making a small, specific cut into the large question of how to live autonomously and together by focusing on old and new enclosures, forms of communing and of being in common. 

public works will present a selection of projects which attempted to implement co-production and spatial/urban tools that tried to create commonality. 

If there’s interest, there will be also a possibility to test the commons concept in practice, by envisioning the formation of a knowledge commons on Urban Spaces for the People, by the People. This could become a collaborative project to follow on from this introductory session.

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