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Maximising the Importance of Arts and Culture throughout the Economic Downturn

April 24, 2009

This Seminar will be held at The Brewery in London on Friday 24th April 2009 

  • How do we continue to achieve world class arts and culture throughout the downturn?
  • How do we ensure culture and arts are seen as essential services in a recession?
  • How do we best sustain a mixed economy of private and public funding?
  • How can culture and arts best help revive the economy and underpin regeneration
  • How can their role of sustaining depressed communities best be valued and funded?
  • How can business best see creativity as the key to future economic success?
  • How can creative industries be most successful regionally, nationally and internationally?
  • How should we best overcome physical, linguistic, religious and psychological barriers?
  • How do we best maintain the importance and value of cultural education within schools?
  • How can culture and arts build on London as the worlds number one city? How can this be mirrored in all of our cities and regions Where can we expect to be in ten years time?

The fee for the day's Seminar is £100.00 plus VAT.

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