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OpenAIR: Effecting Change

1.00-5.30pm, Saturday 11th February 2012

OpenAIR: Effecting Change - Artists gather to effect change

OpenAIR - the first members’ annual forum of AIR: Artists Interaction and Representation - will be held on 11th February 2012 and offers a unique platform for artists' dialogue and debate, empowered and enabled through speakers drawn from very different disciplines and fields of work, all committed to campaigning for effective change.

Orchestrated by artist Richard Layzell, OpenAIR kicks off with insights from keynote speaker Carrie Bishop, consultancy and social innovation incubator YouGov. Next will be short provocations from: Tessy Britton of Social Spaces that “researches and spreads practice for positive citizen-led community action”; co-founder and Director of Social Innovation Camp, Dan Mcquillan; and convener of Manifesto Club, Josie Appleton.

The facilitated action groups which follow will enable AIR members to explore how AIR – now one of the world’s largest membership bodies for artists - can create campaigns and activism to achieve its ambition to improve the economic and social status of society and ensure artists’ voices are respected within arts and cultural debates, now and in the future.
Running from 1-5.30pm on Saturday 11th February, OpenAIR is hosted by Colchester’s Firstsite as part of their new building and launch. The event is free to AIR members. a-n The Artists Information Company is sponsoring ten artists’ bursaries of up to £70 to encourage participation from artists living at a distance from Colchester.
AIR Chair Sally Sheinman said: “Artists must be heard both within the arts and beyond and we can learn a great deal from the experience of campaign groups. OpenAIR will give all participants new insights, knowledge and tools for getting a voice. We know AIR members operate at local, regional, national and international levels - our knowledge and networks are wide and deep and we can make a difference!"
A limited number of observer places at £100 + VAT are open to application from arts organisers who are keen to support and engage with AIR’s strategies for policy and development.
Bookings for artist places: [email protected]
Observer place applications: [email protected]
Press contact: Jack Hutchinson, [email protected] 

Visit www.air-artists.org