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Register for sculpture network New Year´s Brunch 2013

Sunday 20th January 2013 at 11am (GMT)

International Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture (nyb'13)
40 venues in 13 countries
Sunday 20 January 2013 from 11am (EST)

Locations: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Italy,
Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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Forty venues throughout Europe will host sculpture network's fourth annual celebration of contemporary sculpture, nyb'13 (New Year's Brunch) on 20th January 2013. Professionals and friends of the arts meet in person and virtually, via video livestream. The international event focuses on celebrating and debating three-dimensional art, networking and enjoying sculpture. Each venue has a personalised program, ranging from meeting artists, lectures, studio visits, discussions, artist presentations, exhibitions, guided tours, public casting and much more—in addition to toasting the New Year.

The event is a once-a-year opportunity for networking with artists, collectors, art mediators, professionals and friends of the arts. The events take place in art studios, galleries, private collectors' homes, cultural institutions, art academies and foundries, which are connected via video-live stream. This is Europe's biggest annual gathering around sculpture with 2000+ expected participants.

The event is open to everybody interested in sculpture. So check www.sculpture-network.org for your nearest nyb'13 location.

Hosting artists, individuals and institutions:
Austria: Neuhauser Kunstmühle/ Salzburg
Bulgaria: Stelian Stelianov
Denmark: Susanne Ahrenkiel
Egypt: Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Centre - Cairo
Germany: Alanus University – Alfter, Foundry & Gallery Flierl – Berlin, Produzentengalerie "4h-art" –Hannover, streitfeld.projektraum – Munich, Sculpture Workshop Reutlingen, soldan kommunikation/ zwischenKunst – Stuttgart, blauhaus e.V. Dialog Kunst und Architektur & Künstlerhaus Ulm, Kunstverein Springhornhof – Neuenkirchen, Bernd Wagenhäuser, ThoJoh Drolshagen, Eugen Schütz, Wladimir Rudolf, HAWOLI, Helmut Johannes May, Bernhard Schwanitz, Heinrich Knopf, Stephan Rey
Italy: La Serpara – Il giardino di sculture di Paul Wiedmer – Civitella d'Agliano, Alessandra Porfidia
Netherlands: Dutch Society of Sculptors (NKvB) – Amsterdam, Eva Artproductions Foundation
Poland: Grzegorz Lagowski
Russia: Art gallery "Na Novinskom" – Moscow, Sergey Antipov
Spain: Fundación Tapies – Barcelona, Palmyra Sculpture Centre – Mallorca, Casa de la Provincia – Sevilla, Espacio de arte LA RAMBLETA – Valencia, Fanny Galera,  Gerhard Höhn, Lucia Beijlsmit & Jasper Quak, Neus Bergua, Belleda Lopez Montero
Sweden: "StoneZone", Hällevadsholm
Switzerland: Martin Raimann, Elisabeth Schneller, Donat Fritschy, _artundweise kunst- und denkraum/ Bern, Christiane Tureczek, Frank Kirberg
United Kingdom: New Greenham Arts Centre – Newbury Berkshire, Johannes von Stumm, Dilys Jackson, Susan Williams

The event is organised by the nonprofit European association sculpture network. Founded in Germany in 2004, the association's objectives are to enhance public perception and acceptance of three-dimensional art and to bring people together for this purpose. Events and services facilitate networking and cross-border projects. The organisation currently has around 1,000 members in 43 countries. Members are artists, art professionals, art organisations, collectors and friends of the arts.

For more information, visit www.sculpture-network.org or contact [email protected]

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Susan Williams, Invitation 2012, 2012. Plastic

Susan Williams, Invitation 2012, 2012. Plastic